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Most of the information you will need can be found through the userinfo. Here's some additional information;

    the decisions

A - icons are flawless in every way.
Very few applicants deserve this.
B - gorgeous, little improvement is needed.
Needed in order to pass.
C - icons could use a bit of work.
You're close, but you need practice.
D - alot of work is needed here.
Try again in a month or so.
E - low quality, messy icons.
Usually an icon novice.
F - Worse than ugly. MS Paint could do better.
Probably a troll.

Please please be descriptive in your grading and provide reasonings for why you graded them how you did.
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Bakemonogatari - 20 icons [30 May 2010|12:33am]


HERE, at [info]tenken_designs!
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20 stock icons [11 Nov 2009|11:07am]

Made for icon challenge communities.

The rest, @ tenken_designs.
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29 textual icons [21 Oct 2009|12:24am]

It's time to share these.
Text, colors and some animations. Check them!

Here, at tenken_designs.
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Ergo Proxy - 54 icons [05 Apr 2009|11:24am]

Opening credits, Vincent and Re-L.

Entire batch is here, at tenken_designs . Yay!
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New Application [03 Mar 2009|11:56pm]

Name / Handle: navi_glow
Icon journal: tralala_icons
Sample: under the cutCollapse )
Have you won any awards: yes - where? ye ancient olde icontest award post
Tools of the trade: Adobe Photoshop CS4. However I've only just gotten this and haven't posted graphics from it yet. Before that I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
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