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Since so many people do this ANYWAY: First and Formost, delete/alter your application without a mod's permission and you will be banned! If you are getting bad reviews, either SUCK IT UP AND DEAL or reply to a mod comment and ask to be stamped out early. Rejectees may reapply as many times as they wish, but banned members will never have a chance to be accepted again.

Additionally, please do not reply to your grades unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not argue with us. If you can't handle criticism, do not apply at all!

Moderators are listed at the bottom of this page.

Welcome to i_elitists! This is a place for gifted iconists to grade each other and display their talents. Sorry, but we're a little picky about who we let in. You may apply as
many times as you like, but please wait at least one week between applications, to give yourself time to practice. You cannot vote on others until you have been
stamped in by a mod.

Please follow these rules closely. I will warn you if you break them, but only once.

1. Do not grade somebody highly just because they are your friends.
2. Do not grade somebody poorly based on the subject or style.
3. Do not be rude to applicants, the other members, or the mods.
4. Do not edit or delete your application UNLESS you have permission from a mod.
5. If you are rejected, please wait atleast one week before applying again.
However, those who've gotten grades below a C, we recommend waiting one month.
6. Do not harass the members, or I'll ban your sorry ass.
7. Don't ever talk back to a mod or insult an accepted members icons. Immediate bannage.
8. New applicants, please do NOT reply to your graders unless you have to. We don't want to hear your excuses or backtalk.
Either learn to deal and try to take our advice, or go somewhere else. Nobody cares.

Be sure to judge critically, and point out flaws you think the iconist needs to improve on, such as text placement, animations, ect. Please give valid reasons as to why you are grading the way you are, and be nice about it. I will not tolerate somebody insulting an applicant because they dislike their icons. If your stuff sucks, then it sucks. oh well. But be nice about it. The word 'elite' does not have to mean snobbish, after all :)

So you're ready to apply? Just fill out this silly little form and post it to the comm. DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING. You will lose A LOT of points.

Name / Handle:
Icon journal: (if applicable)
Sample: (use a cut tag and just pick out your BEST works.)
Have you won any awards: y/n - where?
Tools of the trade:

For your sample, I ask that you put three of each icon; three textless, three text, three animations, three mini-movies, and three cut-out style icons. Do not put less than three. And don't you DARE think about skipping the animations and cut outs. You will regret it later!! >D Please make
sure your selection has a large variety of mediums; such as anime, nature, video games, humour, people, different styles and techniques, etc. Don't post nothing but anime or Brittany Spears icons. It shows a huge lack of creativity. Please do not post more than twenty icons in your application or I will kill you dead :)

DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING. You will lose one letter grade for each catagory you skip.

When posting about your awards, just plug the communities. You will be graded on your variety, creativity, and skill, so make sure you fill out ALL the catagories with your best peices.

Lastly, please use the subject "New; application" in your first post so that we know you're a newcomer. Voting is on the A-F system. Perfect icons are given A's, but rarely will these be given out. If your icons are horrible, you'll get an F. You will need at least a B to pass. Once you are in, you may start grading new applicants.

Stamped Members List

tiringil [8th_sin]
blumchen [iconeus]
mannequinskin [phantome/iconeus]
fatali [red_and_black/iconeus]

These are the only people with the power to approve or reject membership. You WILL respect these people and treat them with dignity. Rudeness to a mod will result in a ban. We're nice, reasonable people, so don't piss us off.